Requisition Process AX 2012

Purchase Requisition Process


  1. Purchase requisition review workflow should be activated
  2. Requisition creator should be employee in HRM and relation should be established

Requisition Process:

Step 1.


Procurement and sourcing à Purchase Requisition à All Purchase Requisition à Create New Purchase Requisition

Purchase Requsition

  1. Put the requisition title “Magic Mouse”
  2. Requested date “11/05/2014”
  3. Accounting Date “11/05/2014”

Click OK

Step 2

  1. Click add line to add item
  2. Search the item “Ctrl + G”, ”Magic Mouse”
  3. Select the item “Magic Mouse”
  4. Select the warehouse “Dammam”
  5. Put the quantity
  6. Close the form
  7. Click highlighted button “Submit”
  8. Put your remarks
  9. Click OK

Purchase Requsition Add Line

Step 3

  1. Status will be changed to “In Review”
  2. You can see the history

Purchase Requsition View History

  1. Work flow approving authority will get a notification
  2. Click on the notification
  3. Click “Go to origin”
  4. Click “Request for Quotation”
  5. Select the item number
  6. Select the legal entity
  7. Click OK

Go to Origin



Step 4

  1. Click on Request For Quotation Number. It will redirect to that particular Request For Quotation.
  2. Send the Request For Quotation to concern vendor.

Add Vendor And Send

Step 5

  1. After receiving replies from vendors.
  2. Navigate to request for quotation
  3. Request for quotation replies
  4. Select the request for quotation and click edit and input the  details provided by supplier” for all request for quotation. And close the forms. Like : Qty, UOM, Price etc..
  5. Navigate to request for quotation and compare the replies


  1. Compare the Header and Lines and click OK Other request for quotation will be automatically rejected.
  2. Navigate to purchase requisition and approve the requisition. Now the requester can see the requisition approved.

Based on you policy you can Create purchase order manually or automatic

Incase of manual

  1. Navigate to Purchase requisition
  2. Click Released Purchase Order
  3. Click Purchase Order it will create a purchase order.

Or based on you policy of procurement it will create automatic purchase order. I will explain this later….

To view the screen shot please find the document attached…..

Purchase Requisition Process